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Welcome to mm to feet. On this website you can find everything about the millimeters to feet conversion, including the formula, examples and a length converter you will like. If you have been looking for mm to ft or mm to ′, then you are also right here because for feet we sometimes use the abbreviation ft and ′, called the prime symbol. And mm denotes millimeters of course. Keep reading to learn how to convert mm to feet.

Millimeters to Feet

Meter is the American spelling variant for what is elsewhere known as metre, the base unit of length in the metric system. Therefore, outside the US, millimeters to feet is spelled millimetres to feet. We just mention this to assure all of our visitors that they have come to the right site to convert millimeters to feet. The mm to feet formula is:

[ft] = [mm] / 304.8

Bookmark us now as mm to ft. In the next section we show you how to convert mm to feet using the above formula, along with examples of the millimeter to feet conversion.

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Convert MM to Feet

To change mm to feet you have to divide the length in mm by 304.8 to obtain the equivalent in feet. For example, for 100 millimeters divide 100 by 304.8 to get 0.32808 ft.

In other words 304.8 mm in feet equals one foot. So, 1 millimeter is approximately the length of 0.00328083989501312335958005249344 feet.

Right below you can find our converter mm to feet which accepts any length of millimeters in decimal notation and changes it automatically to feet.

MM to Feet Converter

To use our calculator just enter the amount of millimeters you have. Only if you want to swap the units from mm to ft to ft to mm do you have to press a button.

Change mm to ft

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MM to Feet Conversion

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If you don’t know all the answers, then read our content (again) from the beginning. In addition, more about the units foot and millimeter can be found in the referenced sites.

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