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Welcome to feet to mm. On this site you can find all about feet to millimeters. Outside the USA this is known as feet to millimetres; so if you have been searching for this term then you are right here, too. The same applies to visitors looking for ft to mm and foot to mm. Basically, on this page you can find the answers to how many mm in a foot. Read on to find everything about feet to millimeters, including the formula as well as converter you should check out.

Feet to Millimeters

For the unit foot, in plural feet, we sometimes use the ′ symbol or the abbreviation ft. Millimeters in shortened form is mm. Thus, the feet to millimeters formula is:

[mm] = [ft] x 304.8

Note that foot to mm, ′ to mm and similar spelling variants all mean the same: the ft to mm conversion. So, the equation could also be written as, for instance, [mm] = 304.8 × ′.

In the next section you can find an example of how to convert feet to mm using the given formula. We recommend you bookmark this page now as ft to mm.

This is the link to mm to feet. There, we have all about the reciprocal conversion, including the formula, a converter and further readings about the units.

Convert Feet to MM

In order to convert feet to mm you have to multiply the length in feet by 304.8 to obtain the corresponding value in millimeters. For example to change 3 feet to millimeter:

Enter 3 * 304.8 into your calculator. The result of your multiplication is 914.4 millimeters. A foot is 304.8 mm long. In turn, a mm measures approximately 0.003 feet.

Using our feet to mm converter in the next section you can have the conversion easier without doing any math. Simply insert the height or length in feet.

Feet to MM Converter

Change ft to mm

Note that for fractions their decimal equivalent with a decimal point must be used. Press the button only to swap the units from feet to mm to mm to feet.

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Next, we answer some frequently asked question about feet in mm.

Feet to MM Conversion

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