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If you want to convert feet in cm or foot in cm you have come to the right site. Here’s all about feet to cm you want to know. One foot, plural feet, abbreviated as ft, is one third of a yard defined as 0.9144 meters. Thus 1 foot measures 0.3048 meters. One centimeter, abbreviated as cm, is one hundredth of a meter (m), the fundamental unit of length in the International System of Units. To convert feet to cm you multiply the amount of ft with 30.48.

All put together:

1 ft = 30.48 cm
1 foot = 30.48 centimeter

Feet to cm

To convert any length in foot or feet use our calculator below.

Feet to cm converter

To conduct the feet to cm conversion enter the value in feet and inches, then hit the calculate button. You can either enter feet, inches or a combination thereof. Or calculator also accepts decimal points, in case you have a fraction.

Frequent feet to cm conversions on this website include:

Here you can convert cm to feet and inches, combined, or for each unit individually.

Now you already know how much is one ft in cm. Here’s one foot in the other metrical units:

in mm = 304.8 millimeter
in dm = 3.048 decimeter
in m = 0.3048 meter
in km = 0.0003048 kilometer

About this website:

Converting units from the imperial to the decimal system is quite common because the unit foot is widely used in United States and other countries. In contrast, the meter, by definition, is the base unit of length elsewhere. Not only do people travel and want to know a width or height in the measurement they are familiar with, but also products ship measured in either unit, and need to be converted, mainly in the sector of consumer products such as computer monitors, CDs, DVDs and smart phones for example. Usually, the diameter is given in inch.

In addition, North Americans tend to give people’s height in foot, but this usually doesn’t ring a bell for a European citizen. What’s more is that many sports articles and fittings are generally measure in “, which largely contributes to the need of unit conversion for people dealing with these items for the first time or infrequently. We have created this site for the fact that you can convert inch to cm and feet to cm on many sites, but it’s usually either, or. In contrast, using our converter you can convert both, feet and inches to cm, either combined or each unit individually.

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